Glass Fusing

Glass fusing is simply layering pieces of decorative glass onto a glass base. After it’s kiln-fired, the layers of glass become one and viola, you’ve made a glass plaque, bowl or vase!

It’s user-friendly, very straight-forward and loads of fun . The best feedback we hear – and we hear it A LOT – is that our glass fusers show off their creations and are often asked “where’d you buy it?!”. And they get to proudly respond ” I MADE IT!”

Keep in mind:

* glass is fun for all ages! Children between 6 and 12 can make glass projects with their parents (glass is not for children under 6 yrs – they enjoy the painting a lot more at that age!). We give thorough instructions and safety guidelines to ensure a great experience

*  can I make my own class time for me and my friends?! YES! Simply call the studio to reserve your time and project; min four people needed for private classes

* glass projects must be completed in one sitting; the pieces will be ready 7 to 10 days later.13465979_1818791385020236_6050148646931931189_n

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